JCM Cleaning System Card featuring Waffletechnology®

Product Description

JCM Global has approved this Waffletechnology® cleaning card as the only style of cleaning card to be used in their bill validators. This JCM custom proprietary Waffletechnology® design was developed for the US market and will trigger the cleaning mode. The cleaning mode software will transport the cleaning card at a precise speed, automatically passing over components three times (cleaning mode only available in US Market). This process allows this unique bill validator cleaning card to reach the optical lenses, magnetic head and critical areas within the WBA and UBA Bill Validators. This cleaning card will not show as a rejection. Use this product once per week to help reduce currency rejection.

  • KICTeam PN: KWJCM-B2B15M
  • Quantity: 15 per Box

Use On

  • JCM Bill Validators

Industries Used In


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