Adhesive Remover Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® (4in/102mm)

Product Description

The Adhesive Remover Cleaning Card featuring Waffletechnology® is designed to loosen adhesives and remove residue from Thermal Printer and liner free label devices. Incorrect maintenance of the roller causes the label to wrap around it rather than advancing out of the printer. The US, Canadian and Australian patented design of raised and spring-loaded platforms is used to clean the printhead and provide enough tension to rotate the platen for a full circumference clean. Use this cleaning card on all models printing on an approximate 2in/51mm label stock with every roll change to maintain optimum printer performance. For best results use an adhesive remover product followed by a thermal printer cleaning product.

  • KICTeam PN: KW3-T46B15AR
  • Quantity: 15 per Box

Use On

  • Direct Transfer Printers
  • Label Printers
  • Ribbon Transfer Printers

Industries Used In

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