• We Are Compliance Ready… Are You?

    2015 will see the implementation of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) regulations worldwide.

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  • Keep Your Transactions Clean.

    Cleaning products designed for check scanners, currency counters, ATMs, security access card readers, sensitive screens, and other devices.

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  • Operational Efficiency Makes Everyone a Winner.

    With the growing popularity of destination casinos and gaming institutions, comes the increased demand for safe, clean and efficient equipment.

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  • Your Customers Notice If You Don't Clean.

    You pride yourself on delivering goods and services to your customers in a clean and efficient manner. Check out our Hospitality Industry collection of technical cleaning products.

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  • Don't Break the Supply Chain.

    Use products designed for thermal printers, sensitive screens, bar code printers / scanners and other devices to ensure operational efficiency and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

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  • Keep Your Lines Short and Customers Happy!

    Find cleaning products designed for POS, EMV, kiosk, time clocks, ATM’s, gas pumps, sensitive screens, and receipt and label printers.

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  • Cleaning Keeps Things Moving.

    Whether you are going by plane, bus, ship, truck or mass transit, the Transportation Industries use a wide array of devices to maintain speed and efficiency.

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Cleaning Cards: the Key to Operational Efficiency

Every industry, every company and every store depends on their technology to service and transact with customers. Any device that does not work properly will slow down or prevent them from doing business, and they lose money. Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty. Cleaning cards, wipes, pens and swabs are a fast, economical and simple means of cleaning equipment and maintaining their efficiency.

Our products remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants from a wide range of business devices with specialized cleaning cards, wipes, pens and swabs designed to achieve maximum effect. Our Waffletechnology®, a KICTeam proprietary technology, is the foremost product approved by such companies as Ingenico, Epson, Canon, Panini, Datamax, and JCM among other endorsements. We are committed to keeping your operation running efficiently by helping you find the proper cleaning products for your equipment.

What is Waffletechnology®?

Waffletechnology® (patented in US, Canada and Australia) cleaning cards dramatically outperform flat cleaning cards. Our unique cleaning card design allows anyone to easily and safely maintain devices without opening the equipment or damaging critical sensors. We use spring loaded waffles on our cards to reach and safely add pressure to sensors, effectively cleaning them.

What is a Cleaning Card?

Cleaning cards are disposable products designed to clean the interior contact points of electronic devices that facilitate or produce data or information transactions. They remove dirt, dust, oils and other contaminants in a safe, efficient manner. Cleaning cards are used to ensure overall device efficiency and for preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs by eliminating or minimizing failed transactions. Studies have proven that many devices aren't broken, they are just dirty.